Aging and cancer represent a worldwide challenge for global health – 90% of cancers occur in people over the age of 50, and the age of the patient influences every aspect of cancer pathogenesis, from premalignant growths, to metastases, to responses to therapy. Given the rapid growth in elderly populations globally, close collaboration between biomedical scientific communities will contribute significantly to dealing with this challenge.

Clonal expansion in the hematopoietic system and all other tissues/organs, recognized in recent years, have wide implications in health. Characterizing clonal outgrowths in tissues also presents opportunities for early prevention of cancer and other age-related diseases. The focus of this year’s International Conference on Aging and Cancer will be the impact of aging on clonal evolution. We will discuss somatic evolution in the hematopoietic system with aging, somatic evolution in solid tissues with aging, risks conferred by patterns of mutational clones, intrinsic and microenvironment mechanisms influencing clonal expansions, new technologies and methods to study clonal evolution, and development of potential interventions to reduce clonal evolution and associated risks.

Conference Program

Opening Session

Co-chairs: Samuel Waxman & Ruibao Ren


8:30-8:40 (BJS)

Opening speech of welcome by the President of Hainan Medical University, Prof. Jiannong Zhao

8:40-8:50 (BJS)

(EST 16/12/2021, 19:40-19:50)

Opening Remarks by the Founder of SWCRF, Prof. Samuel Waxman




8:50-9:20 (BJS)

(EST 16/12/2021, 19:50-20:20)

Robert Weinberg

Ludwing professor/Director, Whitehead Institute, MIT

Topic: TBA

Morning Session

Co-chairs: James Degregori & Songtao Shi



9:20-9:45 (BJS)

(EST 16/12/2021, 20:20-20:45)

Julio Aguirre-Ghiso

Endowed professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Topic: Aging as a regulator of the timing of cancer dormancy and metastatic relapse

9:45-10:10 (BJS)

(CST 16/12/2021, 19:45-20:10)

Margaret Goodell

Chair/Director, Baylor College of Medicine

Topic: Impact of DNMT3A mutations in aging and clonal hematopoiesis

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